About Us

Dr. C. Thomas Brophy


Dr. Brophy specializes in Neuroscience, Emergency Medicine and Addiction Medicine. In the emergency department, he deals with the acute aspects of addiction such as overdose, acute withdrawal, and the social impact of substance abuse. While treating addiction in the outpatient setting, he helps bring hope and stability to those struggling with addiction, and is able to witness and assist as people rebuild their lives. He uses his background in neuroscience to educate our youth, and has built numerous addiction prevention programs that have been implemented in schools across western, PA.

Dr. Brophy is also one of very few physicians in the region to be Board Certified in Addiction Medicine as recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialities (ABMS). This designation has been awarded to a small number of physicians nationwide. He has also received numerous other awards for his efforts to educate the public and reduce the stigma associated with addiction, including a Proclamation from Allegheny County for the work he performed through the Opiate Reform Initiative, a 501(c)3 non-profit launched by Dr. Brophy in 2016. His knowledge on the topics, combined with his dedication to help people, and his empathy for the struggles of addiction are truly remarkable. 

Whitney Thompson, MS


Whitney has been part of our treatment team for several years now, and we consider ourselves lucky to have her. She has been involved in Substance Abuse treatment and counseling for many years, and has experience ranging from large high volume facilities like Gateway, to small concierge medicine facilities with a more personalized focus. 

Whitney is able to skillfully combine the science of behavioral health with real life experience, and uses a grounded realistic approach to harm reduction, cognitive behavioral therapy and an analytical approach to identifying various motivations behind substance abuse. Clients gravitate toward her for many reasons including not only her vast knowledge base in the world of treating addiction but equally for her nonjudgmental approach, as she is focused on adding quality to our patients lives. Outside the realm of substance abuse, many clients request to see her for unrelated matters and will often refer friends and family to her as well, which is the ultimate compliment from a satisfied patient.

Brittany Brophy


Brittany Brophy is the Vice President of Trilogy Wellness and also performs multiple hands-on daily roles within and outside of our facility. From answering all of the incoming calls and questions, to dealing with your insurance company, to sorting out medication matters with the pharmacy, she is a highly skilled member of our team. Patient care is her top priority , from the first time that you call our office you will instantly realize that  your comfort is her main concern. 

Growing up in inner-city Pittsburgh and witnessing family members struggle with addiction, she has a keen knowledge of the destruction that substance abuse can bring into a family unit. Brittany has been fully immersed in the addiction treatment space for over 5 years now, we consider her the glue that keeps it all together.  Many happy clients will tell you that her compassion for others and her warm heart are what makes Trilogy so special.